Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Fire, and Thunder"

Queer Pagans must gather to call down the wraith of the "Powers!" The Warrior caste of mighty Boy Angels! Enough of this demented foul shit from false prophets, corrupt governments, and assorted annoying butt-holes!







(Repeat as needed.)

Stay Tuned.

"You're Innocent when you Dream"

Monday, July 25, 2016


"Queer Marriage"

Ron at the top of the post levitates then Blesses the room with Majik, and Faerie Dust.  Soon after "Ron, and Harry" take the plunge! 

Bless their fictional hearts. It was a simple ceremony at the Buddhist Shrine in my bathroom. I performed the service, and all went well.

They have *Uncle's Blessing.

*(...see my "Great Feet" above.)

Stay Tuned. 


"I feel so full of Love. It's worse than when I was young." Quote from Saint Walt Whitman. America has many demons, but many Saints too. Besides the obvious ones there are the Holy somewhat quiet ones that influence who we are as a Nation.

Stay Tuned.

"We have a Long History"

We have a very very long history get used to us 'cause 'We' ain't going anywhere. ....Get it?! We're wiser kinder more creative, and 'better' that you. Better than any of 'you' ever were. We gave you your Civilization!

"Slaughter of the Innocent"

I went looking online for images of Russian Queer teens for a post I was planning. I found pictures of them being tortured by Neo-Nazi thugs. The Gay teens were lured to a location by the bullies kidnapped tortured, and sometimes killed.

   (Witness above another "Emmit Till" this time of the 21st Century.)    

Just like in Iran, and the whole damned Middle-East Africa the Caribbean Eastern Europe.

The whole damned Fuck'n World!

These  Nazis smiled for the camera, and laughed for the camera as they tormented. What the hell am I supposed to do. What can I post to fight 'this' evil?

This is a Dark Murderous Century. 

Torture, and Murder in too many countries! Many victims. Many different peoples. Each country has it's favorite victim, but almost 'Every' country persecutes, and hates homosexuals.

Almost "Every" country allows their torment, and murder!

Angels truly Weep!

Stay tuned.

"Saints Preserve Us!"

Saint Dominic Savio above there is perhaps the only Saint other than Walt Whitman that I would have really liked to have been close friends with. Not just because he seemed to be insanely cute.

These are idealized paintings after all. He probably was just a regular looking kid. As for Walt Whitman I would have happily cooked, and washed for him.

Saint Dominic was the main squeeze of Saint Don Bosco a very Spiritual 19th century priest, and general do-gooder. He, and Dominic were by a reading of the accounts "Soul Mates".  

In that they were both touched by what rural Black folks down South still call the "Shine". Which means they had the "Seeing". The ability to sense deep spiritual realities. What some call "Miracle Making".

I'm familiar with this blessing in having met two people with it, and have a very very light touch of it myself.  Indeed we 'all' have a touch if we would open ourselves to it.

As a young Queer lad I did.

Being a young Queer boy in the 50's, and early 1960's. I had no one, and nowhere to go, but inward. I was amazed at what I found there! Sometimes it still speaks to me 

Though not as when  was young. 

It's a fire you have to tend, and I stopped. The world it's brutalities, and my own fears smothered it for many years...though as I say it seems to be sparking again. 

As for our heroes Saint's Don, and Dominic some joked...including me that they spent many hot times together on their knees...ahem.

They certainly did. However those passionate walks to the woods I now am certain were not for  steamy hanky panky...pity. They were 'actually' in "Spiritual Communion" with realms most can never imagine.


So yeah I'd loved to have sat had tea meditated, and perhaps kissed Saint Dominic on his brow with chaste affection. As  I would have Saint Whitman. 

"Carmen Miranda"

Carmen Miranda was a culture hero to gleeful Queers of long ago yester-year. In the early, and middle parts of the 20th century young Queer jitter bugs cut a rug to the sounds of dear Carmen.

Carmen Miranda we warmly remember you, and salute you!

Stay Tuned.

"Two Souls One Person"

"Peter Pan"~"Питер Пен"

        A perhaps more realistic concept of "Peter Pan".


                               "Gender is just a Fad"




              "I 'still' think Gender is just a passing fad.

"Gender gives me such a Headache"

These lads above there have to go about in relative secret messing about with their identities. In other countries this would get them killed...actually here too. However slowly people are getting the idea that being "different" isn't an automatic Death Sentence.

A sentence that all are free to carry out with impunity. So yeah a tiny bit of progress. Sometimes they let us live. ...thanks.

As I say below all this gender stuff other than for making babies is an annoying, and sometimes deadly fad. Mind you like everybody else I could go on for volumes on the subject, but don't worry I won't.

Suffice...what anybody thinks they are is 'Their' business...period.

That means 'you' "FUCK OFF!"

Unless invited in...get it. 

Folks can be 'anything' they feel they are or want to be. In any fashion manner way or whatever as long as it's not fucking someone 'else' over.

Okay I'm glad we've had this little talk. Now go out into the world, and play ice. 'And don't let me hear you're still messing anybody over...Got That?!

Right...now go play.

Stay Tuned.