Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Why do PAN films always Flop?"

It might be expectation. Peter has been played by a woman for a "One Hundred, and Thirteen" years. It's just expected now. This may be why every "Pan" attempt with a boy rightfully in the role had flopped through the floor into the basement, and continued to the earth's core.

However eventually the right script the right backers the right art director the right cast, and most of all the Right BOY will happen. This could happen in a few years or in fifty, but it Will Happen.

I just pray to the G-ddess I'm still around to see it.

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Ever Opening"

"Queer Boys in Wonderland"

After a very warm winter season,...again. We just had a late winter blizzard. high winds sharp ice, and snow you ya face no visibility the works!

                              I loved every moment of it!

                                        Stay Tuned.

"Uncle Walt",...I luv's this Guy!


"No Really,...I Want to Have Babies"

I want to have babies. Okay let me explain. I want to have babies. I'm real good at taking care of them, and all the crying, and nappies full of yellow crap never bothered me,..who knows why. Well actually I know.

In another life it's likely I was a mommy with a bleeping huge brood of yammering crapping kiddies hanging on to my apron. Anyway that's what I think. It's one of them spiritual things.

I'm just good with kids..probably genetic.  I was swell raising my two sisters kiddies, and they've since grown up to make scads more dough than me so I guess I did a reasonable job.

I love all the chaos, and wonder of them little guys running around nearly getting themselves killed. However they didn't because I had good kiddie radar, and was always at the right place, and right time to keep them safe, and noisy.

No I never did that "Sesame Street" condescending crap. 

Gimme a break. Naw it was a steady diet of the 1940's, and 50's Warner Brothers Acme cartoons for them. Good enuff for me good enuff for them! Ah how we thrilled to "Wile E. Coyote" get smashed to jelly again, and again. If that ain't ain't a great lesson on how the world really works I don't know what is

Well that, and them Acme products that explode slice dice, and generally create handy, and useful deranged mayhem as needed.

All that, and the swell feeling of love, and assorted un-namable emotions ya gets as the little maniacs are asleep in your weary arms.

So yeah Queer pervert Commie pornographer layabout that I am give me your kiddies, and I'll do them right. Btw I'm real swell at story telling, and lullaby's.

Btw I also would really love to be a Queer Scout Den Mother. I'd be especially good at that. I'd teach the dear little Fags all the Queer survival lessons I've learned in a near century of surviving in this demented hell hole. 

Stay tuned.

"An Angel for Willem Arondeus"

Willem Anrondeus, was a Homosexual Dutch artist author, and anti-Nazi fighter who destroyed the Amsterdam Public Records Office to hinder the Nazi identification of Jews.

He was later arrested tried convicted, and executed. His last recorded words were, "Let it be known that Homosexuals are not cowards".

                               I hope to be as brave.

Stay Tuned. 

(...ahem, I did the Angel.)