Thursday, December 1, 2016


"... not a page for pedophile".

( This is a response to a Lasse Nielson's FB page post. The film-maker that gave us among other things the beautiful work "You are not Alone". Done in about 1980 it was a then revolutionary production of young teens falling in love. The teens played with actors the right age. They were 14, and 12. Which as with all kids is when love, and lust opens her gleeful eyes! Recent efforts use actors in their early to mid-twenties. This because of fears of prosecution by local laws, and religious nuts. They stumble about on screen with close shaven cheeks pretending to be boys. Who they think they are fooling I don't know.)

To the point. Mr. Nielson recently posted on a set of photos of youths....

"... not a page for pedophile".

Covering your ass just in case are you?

What are you saying really. The love of boys the authorities feel,...police courts media the hateful mobs feel no matter if you act sexually on the feeling or not it is Pedophilia. I love boys as you, but as you am not a pedophile. However I'm not going to join the lynch mob against them either.

I remember well when what is now being said about Peds was the same exactly hateful fearful rants as what was said about gays. Hateful distortions fearful lies, demented fantasies. Though yes one can list the crimes against children by sexual predators.

The Predators are real the crimes are real.

It happened to me as a boy. As to so many others. I was beaten raped by older boys at day camp when 11. I live with that to this day. They didn't love boys. They didn't love children. They were a gang of violent thugs, and rapists. They were horny, and fucked what was handy. Like in prison. They were neither peds nor gay, but criminal rapists.

Why don't you say "Page not for child rapists".

I personally come from the old radical time of gay activism in the literal days after "Stonewall". This before Lesbians, and gay men separated in suspicion from each other. Before gays wanted to be straights in all ways, but how they fuck. I go to gay pride marches now, and it's like family day. Gays pushing baby strollers voting Republican, and being as racist as white men. Which I suppose is no surprise since they are almost all white. Another thing. The movement has bleached out. It's a white middle class moderate to conservative movement now.

It began as a culture changing inclusive revolutionary spearhead. That's why I was there. Also love for boys the most ancient of Queer traditions has been deleted from every written history of the so-called gay movement. Being a lover of boys back then was accepted not by all, but many. At the time it was not an issue. That part of our collective history has been deliberately vaporized. When my generation passes away that knowledge will go with us.

Gay archives, and libraries in "1984" fashion have destroyed or in some way removed all mention of any of that. I know this because it's happened to me. My art books of Queer Angels boys...hand made, and bound art books were removed from several such archives. When I tired to have them returned from a specific archive in NYC I was told by a very unfriendly lesbian archivist, "We of course destroyed your work, and all similar materials years ago." with that she turned, and walked away. There ended the Age of Gay Liberation, and least for me personally.

I have since delivered my works that survived to a University Library that actually 'asked' for them.

As in a Soviet era history book...we became Un-Persons. Air-brushed out. Also Black, and Brown people are now in fact not that welcome. We've move to our own organizations, and communities. 

So " pedophiles allowed"...nice going.

You are doing the oppressors work with that. De-friend me if you wish, but all this had to be said. 

( Above an example of my disgusting "criminal" work.)

Stay Tuned.

"Day of Days Night of Nights"

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Pants are Over Rated",...might be a re-run?

Peter Pan just as I always pictured him. Yep he, and the "Lost Boys" now that the winds have gone cold are all snuggled up together in their tree.

Wendy is busy in her "Wendy House" writing her "tell all" book to be published as soon as she can get out of this Faerie loony bin. Meanwhile the boys are..., well boys will be boys.

Anyway the above youth apparently involved in some sort of Queer Peter Pan cos-play thing is just as I really hoped he would be. He is the vision of my gleefully perverted youthful fantasy of him.

My bleeping Hero!

Well okay he's always trying to kill Native Americans he tortures any pirates he catches bleeps over the Mermaids, and drives Hook nuts with all his annoying bullshit.

Still ya take your hero's where ya can get'em.

How I longed for Peter to come to my bedroom window when I was a lad. I dreamed of being rescued from demented violent Nuns bullies the Devil, and  Jesus. Basically that whole crowd that laid claim to everything in my life from my lunch money to my immortal Soul.

I can just picture it. I'm there in my lonely room jerking off to the memory of my pals in the school shower when there's a knock at my window. 

It's Peter! 

The bleeping patron Saint of all boys! 

He's come to take me away to that weird magic island where everybody gets drunk eats hallucinogenic mushrooms  has sword fights  all over the place goes fishing sleeps till noon has random consensual sex...with 'everybody', and 'No' homework! ...Ever!!

What's not to like?! 

Ah gee ain't dreams swell. Btw for years, and years as long time fans know I've been meaning to do a "Peter" book. I used to publish books of my ink drawings of Angels, and assorted fruity Faeries.

Here's a Peter proto-type for my "Pan" book.

Cute huh?

Yeah yeah gimme a break I'll do it eventually. Hell I certainly have the time these days. Nothing, but time as a new member the the unwanted retired.

Good grief.

Anyway I'll be back during the week. You folks be nice to each other while I'm gone.

Stay tuned.

"Tink Time!"

                                            Stay Tuned.

"Queen Marilyn the Good"

I dream of a different America. Another timeline. An American Commonwealth ruled by a wise brave, and compassionate Queen.

"Queen Marilyn Norma Jeanne Monroe the First"

In this 'other' America the capital is in Miami. A sparkling art deco city with a half mile high Chrysler Building at it's center. In this other USA I see the Queen coming home from her diplomatic triumph in China.

Queen Marilyn personally negotiated the independence of Tibet!

She arrives home aboard a vintage Pan Am China Clipper flying boat. In this other history good things beautiful things are not discarded just because of newer technologies.

The giant Clippers were, and are both beautiful, and efficient so are kept.

The greatly beloved Queen is greeted at the Royal airdrome by plumed mounted knights in armor of gold. The Royal Procession is headed by the Queen at the wheel of a 1957 pearl white Thunderbird.

As they proceeded to the jade, and silver gilded "Palace of the People". The procession is thronged by the adoring masses. They sing songs of Freedom, and Liberty as their Queen slowly drives past.

In the setting tropical sun the knight seem as a river of molten gold streaming down the Avenue of Dreams.

The crowd in their regional native dress appear as extras from a Carmen Miranda movie.

Later that night from the balcony of the palace Good Queen Marilyn declared a fortnight of Masks, and Reveals to both celebrate Freedom for Tibet, and the great bounty of the National Harvest!


Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Stay Tuned.

"...And Another Thing"

"And another thing...the Big Guy sez leave the Queers alone He likes them.

"Happy November"


"Dragonfly" had been the title of all my Queer works since 1975. Sort of a "Leaves of Grass" thing'

First as hand made inked mimeo folded pamphlets to offset 'Zines, and then Small Books. After that radio programs, and finally with the new century online as variously titled blogs.

      Three items of my Queer little books from the 20th Century.

I have few personal examples of 35 years of work. These have been rough seas, and much has gone over-board. Fortunately some of the early to middle period materials survive overseas with trusted friends, and a few usb sticks with other comrades. 

So historians of the post-Stonewall Era if interested esp. in "Dionysian"  matters may be able to piece a few of my things together. Actually some think I'm already dead. Hence the high price of my older Small Books.

                                        'Fooled them huh? 

                                             Stay Tuned.



"Former Parisan Model Charles Guislain"

       (There that's better, something we can all agree on.)

Yellow Wings"



"Bill Haley's~Rudy's Rock!"


Fly, fly through the night,

Fly with the Moon light,

Fly, fly through the night, 

For far in the distance Burns the Heart of someone that has waited long.

"Natures Gifts"

"Life in Purgatory"


"Fire, and Thunder",...a re-run post.

Queer Pagans must gather to call down the wraith of the "Powers!" The Warrior caste of mighty Boy Angels! Enough of this demented foul shit from false prophets, corrupt governments, and assorted annoying butt-holes!







(Repeat as needed.)

Stay Tuned.

"Douce Beauté" ...a re-run post.